8th February, 2024

Pet of the month

Pet of the Month

Miss February 2024

Tilly – a bundle of fun, wrapped in white and champagne fur, using her soulful eyes to communicate her needs! She is a Shih Tze/Maltese cross…also known as a Malshi!

So, what does a day in the life of Tilly look like?

Tilly loves to sleep in…her daddy however, gets up around 3.30am most mornings and she ends up snuggling here he slept for the remaining few hours before light hits and the day starts…Her choice of her morning start is to ‘luxuriate’! While I get up and get ready, she will stay in bed, look soulfully at me, expect some soothing words and a cuddle or two…she won’t leave the bed until she sees her daddy coming back and the daily routine starts!

Tilly comes to work every day and sits in on therapy sessions…she greets the patients at the door of the clinic and ushers them into their session…her very presence calms people…she knows if someone needs attention, or space…she may sit at their feet, or cuddle on the lounge…whatever the person is feeling, she has this innate ability to know what they need…she has been known to gently tap with one of her paws, look up into the eyes of the individual, almost saying ‘are you ok?’…

In-between sessions, we rumble, play, go for a walk…she loves her puppa cinos and has to have a little taste of everything I eat or drink…and she is insistent!

Once or twice a week Tilly will go to doggy day care…hanging with her fur buddies and exercising her little legs with walks on the beach or park…what a life!

Some of her quirks: she hides behind mum’s legs when she meets a dog that she may be unsure of…and peeks between them! So funny! I love that she is so confident, she walks into some of the local shops, who now know her quite well, walks around the back of their counters and looks up…waiting for her treats…I cannot simply walk past these shops anymore without popping in! Little miss that she is!

When she wants some ‘loving’ she has a doe eyed look…remember Princess Dianna, with the lowering of the head and looking up with her big eyes…that is Tilly…She so turns it on…


Congratulations Tilly and Dee!

Is she spoilt? No – I think I am!!!

If you would like to register your pet for Miss/ Mr March email us a phot of your Pet and a few words describing why they should take the crown for March to  yoursanctuarycove@mulpha.com.au  by the 1st of March 2024.



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Superyacht Expansion in Sanctuary Cove

Sanctuary Cove Marina has commenced the next stage of its expansion to cater for local and international demand for berths, particularly for superyachts in the lead up to the Brisbane Olympics in 2032.

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Entry Gate Relocation Works

Road works are scheduled in the Jabiru House car park from Monday 27th of May, straight after the Boat Show.

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Marine Village Upgrade Works

Mulpha is working with urban design consultants, Urbis, on plans for a significant restoration and upgrade of the Sanctuary Cove Village precinct.

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Save the Date: July Community Conversations Q&A Event

Mulpha are committed to openness and transparency with the community, and as such we are planning regular Community Conversations Events.

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Community Conversations Q&A Event Video

Thank you to all those who attended our recent Community Conversations Events on Wednesday, 8 May.

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New Storage Facility Opening

We are excited to share that following the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, a new storage facility will be opening.

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Welcome Naomi Fowler, Division 2 Councillor

We welcome Naomi, City of Gold Coast’s elected Councillor for Division 2, covering Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island.

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Sanctuary Cove Residents Entry Gate Relocation

Enjoy easier access to Sanctuary Cove via our planned relocation of the Village-side entry gate.

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Sanctuary Cove Rezoning Approval

Following the recent rezoning approval received by the State Government, Mulpha would like to share with you all the facts about the approval.

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Save the date for our next Community Conversations event

Our Community Conversations events are back on the calendar for 2024 following a successful start in 2023.

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Community Engagement Update

Despite recent changes, Mulpha’s commitment to engaging with the Sanctuary Cove community remains unchanged and is forging ahead in 2024.

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Harbour One Hits Construction Milestone

As completion of Harbour One edges closer, a key construction milestone is achieved.

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Welcome back and see you around!

Trish Edwards moves on as we welcome Grace Perez-Arceo back to the Mulpha Sales team!

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Community Profile: Paul and Charmaine Ledgerwood

It was a lunch and golf game at Sanctuary Cove that led to a major change of location for Paul and Charmaine Ledgerwood and their three children.

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Pet of the month competition

Calling all the pet lovers in Sanctuary Cove!

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Cara Lee Collective is here!

Cara Lee – empowering women to feel and look their best no matter the activity.

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Sanctuary Cove Walking Club

Want to exercise but have no one to motivate you?

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Pet of the month

Miss February 2024 Tilly – a bundle of fun, wrapped in white and champagne fur, using her soulful eyes to communicate her needs! She is a Shih Tze/Maltese cross…also known as a Malshi!

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The Year of the Dragon

Join us for the Dragon Dance 6:00 pm 9 February Lawn area outside Dragon Cove 1:00pm  11 February Village Green  

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Community Profile: Mel Gear & Rhonda Kavanagh

As you read this, Mel Gear and Rhonda Kavanagh are probably cruising the Coral Sea on their motor-yacht designed by iconic Aussie boat builder Maritimo.

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Cybercrime and keeping your family safe – Free community event

Cybercrime and keeping your family safe – free community event.

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Upcoming works

  Golding Contractors have taken possession of,  and will soon commence bulk earthworks for the Parkway Villa Lots.

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Your Sanctuary Cove Community Hub 2024

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Bubbles on the Boardwalk

Join us for a complimentary glass of Bubbles on the Boardwalk! It’s our shout!

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A Full House For David Crisafulli MP Event

Mulpha recently hosted a remarkable community event at Sanctuary Cove, with over 120 enthusiastic attendees.  Tim Spencer, Head of Development at Mulpha, and Barry Teeling, Development Director of Mulpha Developments, led the evening as hosts, with special guest speaker David Crisafulli MP, the Leader of the Opposition and State Member for Broadwater.

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Mulpha’s Role at Sanctuary Cove

While Mulpha oversees the ‘big picture’, it is Body Corporate’s role to represent the property owners of Sanctuary Cove. Body Corporate is responsible for maintaining, managing and controlling the common property on behalf of owners.

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First Community Event A Great Success

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the wonderful turnout at Mulpha’s first Community Conversations event with property market experts Matt Gates, Tim Spencer and David Wilcox and Mulpha Development Director Barry Teeling. For those who were unable to attend, Berry Teeling breaks down some of the discussions regarding the future of Sanctuary Cove.

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Community Group Spotlight

Curious about your community? We want to uncover and share the community groups or clubs within Sanctuary Cove to encourage more participation and foster greater connections. Tell us about your club!

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