Who Is Mulpha?

Mulpha is the proud owner of Sanctuary Cove. We are a company with investments and interests in a range of residential and commercial property, as well as hospitality and leisure operations. 


We have an extensive portfolio of world class destinations, businesses, luxury properties and products including InterContinental Hotels, Hayman Island, Bimbadgen Estate Hunter Valley, Marritz Hotel Perisher and, of course, Sanctuary Cove.


What is Mulpha’s role at Sanctuary Cove?

As the proud owner of Sanctuary Cove, Mulpha’s role is to maintain the current assets to a high standard and develop it as a five star resort, as well as work with the community to shape the future of Sanctuary Cove. 


At the centre of everything we do at Sanctuary Cove, is our belief that a quality precinct is more than a simple collection of buildings. It’s an environment that gives space for the things that really matter – community engagement, connecting with friends, family and nature.


How does Mulpha’s role differ from Body Corporate?

While Mulpha oversees the ‘big picture’, it is Body Corporate’s role to represent the property owners of Sanctuary Cove. Body Corporate is responsible for maintaining, managing and controlling the common property on behalf of owners.
Responsibilities undertaken by Body Corporate may include creating rules, called by-laws, for Sanctuary Cove residents; maintaining insurances such as public risk insurance over the common property; and keeping records for the body corporate, including minutes of meetings, register of owners’ details, financial accounts, registers of assets, and improvements to common property by owners.


Why does Mulpha consult with the community?

Your opinions and ideas matter to us, and we believe they are vital to shaping the future of Sanctuary Cove.


Mulpha is committed to genuine and meaningful engagement with the Sanctuary Cove community, understanding resident’s lived experience, ideas, hopes and dreams for the place you call home.


Through this genuine engagement and authentic dialogue, together we will create mutually defined pathways forward based on values of wellness, security and enhanced quality of life.


Who is being asked to participate?

Mulpha is asking all residents of Sanctuary Cove, both residential and commercial, to have their say.


How can I participate?

In order to obtain as much community feedback as possible, we are creating a vast array of opportunities for private and public discussions, empowering every Sanctuary Cove resident and business owner to be part of the conversation and help define how we take Australia’s most prestigious community into the future.

Please take part in our two-minute community survey and subscribe to our Community Newsletter for regular updates.


What happens to my feedback?

Your feedback is taken seriously and given genuine consideration. All feedback is reviewed by the Mulpha Community Engagement team and added to our fact-finding research body which will inform our decision-making process moving forward.


Is my feedback anonymous?

Yes, it is your choice if you would like to remain anonymous.


Is my privacy protected?

Wherever it is lawful and practicable, we will give you the option of not providing information when dealing with us.
In the event you have provided personal information, Mulpha is committed to protecting your privacy and being open and transparent about what we do with your personal information. We aim to maintain a safe and secure system of handling your personal information, whilst still providing access to your personal information when required. For this reason, we aim to ensure that your personal information is handled in strict compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which are part of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.


Where can I view updates on Mulpha’s plan for Sanctuary Cove?

As we are still undertaking the essential community engagement process which will inform Mulpha’s plan for Sanctuary Cove, there are no relevant plans to view.
Please subscribe to our Community Newsletter for regular updates as the planning process evolves.

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